Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Right AND a Duty

I have always asserted that self defense is not just a right, it is an obligation. As a society, we are all responsible for each other in at least some small way. To allow a goblin to get away with his crimes unopposed, emboldens and empowers that goblin to go out and become even more violent. This is why folks like Colin Goddard (and his Dad) piss me off so much.

The LawDog has done a much better job of explaining this responsibility in Meditations on Self Defence.

Head on over and give it a read, it is important.

As Jeff Cooper wrote:

November 1993--"Fight back! Whenever you are offered violence, fight back! The aggressor does not fear the law, so he must be taught to fear you. Whatever the risk, and at whatever the cost, fight back!"
H/T Xavier

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NotClauswitz said...

Mr. Goddard proves to us that he is an empty-headed brainwashed minion who has drunk the Kool Aid and it makes him feel clean.... Sheesh!