Thursday, January 03, 2008

Fluff News of the Day

From Fox News:

Last Friday she was kneeboarding behind a boat off Slopen Main on the Tasman Peninsula, east of Hobart, when she was tossed from her board in rough conditions.

In the fall she lost a nose stud from a piercing she had done only a week before Christmas.

Brittain, 25, of Magra, never expected to see the tiny stud again.

Enter a hungry flathead.

You guessed it, the stud turned up in a fish caught by her fiance, Darren Triffett, when fishing with his friend Tim Hall three days later.

Triffett and Hall were in roughly the same area where the stud was lost on Monday. When filleting one flathead they found a tiny nail-like object inside.

"They thought it was a little tack or nail," Brittain said. "I was standing near them talking to them and realized it was the nose stud I had lost in the ocean."
To their credit, Fox News did lead the story with:
IT is a tale some would say smells a bit fishy, but Kristy Brittain swears it is true.
One of my main goals when filleting a fish is to not even disturb the abdominal cavity (is it called that on a fish?), much less open any part of the digestive tract. I must be doing it wrong, at the very least I'm missing out on a lot of potential jewelry.

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