Wednesday, January 02, 2008

How to teach your girlfriend to hate guns

I saw this video earlier on Say Uncle, then this afternoon on Front Sight, Press.

Syd has a good point in How to teach your girlfriend to hate guns , and Uncle has some good comments in Ouch.

If you watch this frame by frame, you will notice that the shooter did an excellent job of controlling her trigger finger and getting the pistol pointed back down range after being surprised by the recoil. She done good. Hopefully she disassociated herself from the jerky boy who set her up like this.


phlegmfatale said...

That ass-hat's t-shirt said it all - what a jerk.

Fits said...

I've some hardware in the safe that'd do pretty much the same to him and would love to take the asshat shooting.

Unknown said...

The darn gun is bigger then her. I think that you work upwards starting with a .22lr until they reach that crux of usefullness, controlability and interest. The guy who set her up for that (unless it was planned by both parties) is a douche.