Tuesday, January 08, 2008

From the Civilian Marksmanship Newsletter

CMP Affiliated Clubs report “Zero” accidents in Club Annual Reports!

Now that is an achievement worth celebrating.
The CMP now has 4,950 affiliated clubs and organi­zations. 4,260 of the CMP affiliates are either youth shooting sports organi­zations or regular clubs that sponsor junior activities. Each year, CMP af­filiates must submit annual reports that provide information about club ac­tivities during the past year. One of the key questions concerns whether there were any firearms-related injury-causing incidents in club activities. The CMP is pleased to report that there were no reported firearms-related injury-causing incidents among its nearly 5,000 affiliates during the 2006 program year. Reports for the 2007 program year are just starting to come in. Marksmanship is indeed one of the safest of all sports!
Zero injuries related to the sport... I wonder how the children's soccer leagues compare? High school football, basketball or track and field?


Hyunchback said...

Just look at cheerleading injuries compared to shooting sports injuries.

A girl trained to shoot will be able to make short work of an attempted rape. A girl trained to do handstands in revealing clothing may not be able to do the same.

Clay said...

5000 affiliates educating our youth on the merits of firearm proficiency and stressing safety?


Hell, I have more band kids get injured in one season.

Ryan said...

that is awesome.