Thursday, January 03, 2008

"Honor" Killing in North Texas

If you live in North Texas, this tragedy has been at the top of each newscast since New Year's Day. An Egyptian, Muslim father murders his two teen aged daughters because they dated non-Muslims.

The murdering bastard -

Yaser Abdel Said

I am including his image because he is still at large. This goblin shot his two daughters several times and left their bodies in the back of his taxi cap. One of the daughters lived long enough to call 911 on her cell phone, she told the operator she was dying.

This is what we know from the various news reports:

  • The goblin is an Egyptian Muslim who has been in the United States since the mid 1980's.

  • The goblin drove a taxi cab.

  • The goblin is still out there.

  • From all accounts, these girls were hard working, well liked, fun, intelligent high school kids.

    Amina and Sarah

    Murdered by their father because they were involved with non-Muslims.

    This happened two days ago, where is the outrage from the "moderate" Muslim community? Why isn't CAIR speaking out against this horrific act? I have seen nothing from the Imam of his mosque asking him to turn himself in. Actually, I have seen nothing at all from the local Muslim community on this incident.

    We feel kind of safe here in the United States. We think that acts such as this can not happen because once an individual has been here for awhile they will love us and want to be like us and turn away from extremism such as this. That is a nice thought, but it is not reality.

    This man murdered his own daughters, killed his own kin. This chills me. He has provided the example, I fear this will not be the last "honor" killing we see. What I fear even more is the answer to this question: If these goblins can kill their own kids for dating non-Muslims, what is to stop them from strapping on a bomb and killing the non-Muslims?

    From the Star Telegram - Slaying of popular teens stuns friends

    From WBAP News/Talk 820 - Police Standoff in Lewisville Ends

    From the Dallas Morning News - Lewisville cabdriver sought in slayings of 2 teen daughters and Lewisville High mourns deaths of two sisters

    From CBS 11 TV - Friends: Murdered Teens Were Afraid Of Their Dad

    From The Washington Times - 'Sudden Jihad Syndrome'

    From Jihad Watch - "He was really strict about guy relationships and talking to guys, as well as the things she wears" -- so he killed her

    And last but not least from Atlas Shrugs - TEXAS DAD "HONOR" KILLINGS, 17 & 18 Year-old Girls


    Fits said...

    We honor our family by nurturing and protecting them. The moslem way is the most barbaric culture of all time but particularly odious in modern time.

    me said...

    Wow, he used a gun.

    Seriously, how &*#$@#&$ up do you have to be....

    You hear all the time, even from "OBL" to either convert or die, maybe they were out converting TO islam, so some more girls could be killed down the road. I'd LOVE to see just how often this really happens. I have a feeling it's quite a common occurrence from the religion of pieces.

    BobG said...

    A father killing his daughters over a difference in religion; that is disgusting in so many ways. I hope he resists arrest when found and gets ventilated.

    Anonymous said...

    Most of the Western Muslim establishment is comprised of Islamist groups claiming to be moderates. True moderate Muslims reject Islamic supremacy and Sharia; embrace religious equality and democracy.

    What is a moderate Muslim? According to a dictionary, a moderate is a person who is opposed to radical or extreme views or measures, especially in politics or religion. Yet, majority of the public seem to be struggling with the definition of a moderate Muslim. Perhaps we can make this task easier by defining a radical Muslim and then defining the moderate as an opposite of the radical.

    Muslims Against Sharia compiled a list of issues that differentiate moderate Muslims from Islamic radicals. Hopefully you can help us grow this list. 2008/01/what-is-moderate-muslim.html

    Poll: Who is a moderate Muslim? 2008/01/poll-who-is-moderate-muslim.html

    Anonymous said...

    To anyone with an experienced eye, the murders of the beautiful Said sisters are quite obviously dishonor killings.

    Ellen R. Sheeley, Author
    "Reclaiming Honor in Jordan"

    Unknown said...

    first of all a man who could kill his own daughters for any reason can not claim anything involving the word honor unless it has the prefix dis in front of it.

    Secondly he needs to die in a very unpleasant way.