Monday, January 14, 2008

Getting What he Deserved

I have four daughters, one step-daughter, three granddaughters and three grandsons. I have no sympathy for child molesters and can understand the actions of the father in this news article.

From the Star Telegram:

FORT WORTH, Texas -- An Arlington man faces a charge of aggravated sexual assault after police said he sodomized his 18-year-old stepson to avenge the teenager's alleged rape of the man's 8-year-old daughter.

The 32-year-old father turned himself into the Tarrant County Jail on Friday and was released Saturday after posting a $17,500 bond.

The stepson was arrested Jan. 2 and charged with suspicion of aggravated sexual assault. Police say the father caught the stepson assaulting his 8-year-old daughter, and a subsequent examination at a hospital revealed the girl had been sodomized...

...When the stepson was arrested, the man warned his wife not to get the teenager out of jail. Instead, she posted bond for the stepson's release from the Arlington jail. When the teenager called home Jan. 3 after getting released, the father took the call and drove to the jail to pick him up, police said.

Police said that instead of taking the teenager home, the Arlington man drove to an abandoned house in Fort Worth. Inside the house, he beat his stepson with a baseball bat and sodomized him with a metal tool, police said.
If I were to catch a goblin (even my stepson) molesting one of my grandchildren, I am not sure that he would be left in any shape to be arrested. That is my line in the sand. The father showed great restraint in just having the guy arrested. The mother of the goblin was quite stupid to bail his rear out of jail.

This goblin has ruined three lives. His stepsisters, his step dads, and his moms. I wonder if that gives him some sick satisfaction?


AlanDP said...

If this story is accurate, I don't understand why the father didn't just kill him when he caught him the first time.

Ryan said...

I do have a hard time following that mans train of thought to put it mildly.