Thursday, January 24, 2008

This is Cool

It is rare to find an editorial in a news paper that supports an individual's right to defend themselves, and often when you do, it will not be very enthusiastic about that right.

Jeff of Alphecca found one such article.

Editor's note: The following editorial first appeared in the Colorado Springs Gazette, sister publication to this newspaper. It speaks to the importance of responsible gun ownership and its value to all law-abiding Americans.

Colorado Springs deserves an award. In three consecutive months, private citizens have taken responsibility to stop violent crime in its tracks, shooting five violent predators. They've sent a powerful message to criminals everywhere, and it goes like this: There's no easy prey in Colorado Springs.

The recent spate of foiled crime began Nov. 27...

Police can't be the only plan. It's not their primary role to enjoin crimes in progress — an unreasonable expectation of the public. Most cops would like to interrupt violent crime, but it's impossible in almost every case.
Kudos to the Colorado Springs Gazette and to the Appeal Democrat for printing this editorial.

You really should go and read the whole thing.

H/T to Ride Fast

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Just John said...

Good for them! I hope that I never have to shoot a violent predator, but I won't hesitate to do so. Kind of like war...nobody likes it, but we need to be prepared to wage it.