Thursday, January 10, 2008

OMG, The Goblins are Rolling Their Own

Rolling their own firearms that is.

The KYPost is right on top of the story:

Police are receiving an urgent warning: be on the lookout for an old-style gun that's apparently making a comeback on the streets.

The concern? It may be impossible to tell if someone is carrying the gun.

Experts say this gun is so small it can be hidden in a belt buckle, necklace or even a flashlight.

And what's even scarier – the gun can apparently be made at home.
That is scary. Street thugs are making their own guns at home. You know what this means? Street thugs have a bit of metal working skills and the self discipline necessary to spend the time making a "Zip" gun.
Some may remember it as a "zip gun" from the 1940s and 50s – a homemade pistol disguised in everyday items.

"They've hidden them in canes or hidden them in necklaces, backs of belt buckles," says Joe Cowles, of Target World. "I've even seen them fired out of books."

Some criminals are apparently making them at home since they can't purchase guns legally at places like Target World.
Wait a second. I thought goblins could just head on over to the local gun show and purchase whatever they wanted?
"We got the information out to our officers as part of our training or officer safety bulletins," says Lieutenant Mark Briede, with the Cincinnati police department. "Our officers need to know about criminals and how they're trying to circumvent or get around the law and hide different things."
Sheew... that is good. Knowledge is power. I'm glad the police are on top of this.
The Cincinnati police department says so far they haven't come across any, but they know they could be out there.
Wait a second. Not a single one of these home made firearms have been used by, or found on a goblin?

What the hell is up with "be on the lookout for an old-style gun that's apparently making a comeback on the streets" and "...Some criminals are apparently making them at home" when you have not a single incident involving one of these "homemade" guns to report on?

This is fear mongering at it's worst, and for what purpose?

Why did this news agency publish this story about a threat that is not current?

There was a time when gentle men and ladies who did not want to be known for openly carrying firearms purchased a cane or wallet gun. They did this for self defense. A one shot firearm is not an offensive weapon.

H/T to David C. and Robb A.

If you want to see what can be done by hand with nothing but a fire, a motor and a few metal working tools, go here.


BobG said...

"This is fear mongering at it's worst, and for what purpose?"

It could be a ruse to accustom people to the idea that ammunition needs to be regulated/banned, that way the evil criminals can't get ammo for their zip guns. Sort of a back-door way of sneaking in and chipping away at our rights.

Fits said...

Good call, bobg. Can't stop them from making their own guns so we'd better dispose of all of that available ammunition.