Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bloggers For Fred Thompson

As regular readers know, I am supporting Fred Thompson in his bid to become the Republican candidate for President of the United States. I support Fred because the vast majority of his voting history on Capitol Hill indicates that he reflects my point of view on most issues. I get the feeling that he is not running for this position because he wants to be president, but because he feels he needs to be in the race to give us the choice for a strong conservative.

Quite a few folks on the sidebar are also Friends of Fred.

I don't know if the man in the Big White Hat is a Friend of Fred, but he did post this hilarious video:

Fred Thompson will not only beat expectations, he will kick and stomp expectations before running over its neck with his truck.
You can't buy advertising like that.

Alan noted that Thompson beats Paul to the punch... in regards to the infamous amicus brief that the Department of Justice filed against Heller in Heller v. DC.

Stan also notes that Fred rejects Solicitor General's Amicus Brief.

Since Rudy has abandoned South Carolina, Mike asks SC Rudy Voters : Pick Fred Instead!

SayUncle has a Random observation on the Prez race.

Fits asks if Freddy's Finally Ready? mentions that Thompson Takes on Giuliani Over Guns, and that Fred Thompson Weighs in on The DC Gun Ban, and quotes Fred as saying 'My Wife ‘Would Make a Much Better First Lady Than Bill Clinton’ (I'll definitely have to agree with that one). Fits also scored a quick bit of one on one time with Fred, read about it in Fred Thompson On MEET THE FITS.

Key Taylor dedicated his Sunday Commentary to The Resurgent Fred Thompson (well worth the read) and has some good news in Fred Thompson on Fire in South Carolina.

D. Martyn Lloyd-Morgan shows how Thompson Contrasts His Record with McCain's, notes that Michigan Behind; On to South Carolina, points out the Media Spin in South Carolina on Presidential Race, and rejoices that FRED HITS GRAND SLAM IN S.C. DEBATE.

Kim breaks down Fred’s Opposition.

Keven thinks Fred Kicked Ass and posts an in depth Blogburst for Fred (with quotes and everything).

Yosemite Sam notes Cooper's View of the Election.

And last but not least:

USCitizen proposes that if you Donate to Fred! (and buy guns) I’ll match you. Now that is one heck of a deal.

If all you did was breeze through that list without clicking on a link to find out what at least a couple of these fine folks had to say about Fred, you did yourself a disservice.


Anonymous said...

Great roundup! ... and thanks for the mention!

- USCitizen

Unknown said...

Great roundup. It is a sad fact that in elections we are not so much choosing the person we like but choosing who we do not want to be elected. I like Fred Thompson alot but he does not have enough traction to make a legitimate run unless the top 3 get in a fatal car crash. That would just get him a good shot at the nomination.

Just John said...

Regardless of what anyone else says about Thompson, I know how I feel about him. I like the video!

It's a shame that Thompson will probably lose in the primary; far too many people feel that they would be "wasting" their vote if they don't vote for the "top" candidates. If people voted for the truly, most qualified candidate, Thompson would be a real front runner. Traditional AMERICANS can see what he stands for, and know the truth. They just don't want to vote for that truth. What a shame.