Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Select a Candidate Quiz

This is from Minnesota Public Radio, and for me is fairly accurate. Answer a few questions and it lists the candidates in order of magnitude that mirror your beliefs.

My results:

Fred Thompson 25.0

Duncan Hunter 24.0

John McCain 24.0

Mike Huckabee 20.0

Mitt Romney 20.0

Rudy Giuliani 19.0

Ron Paul 15.0

Bill Richardson 7.0

Barack Obama 4.0

Hillary Clinton 3.0

John Edwards 3.0

Mike Gravel 3.0

Dennis Kucinich 3.0

It was probably the Iraq war questions that made McCain score so high and Paul so low, but other than that it is pretty much spot on.

To try it yourself, go here.

H/T to Traction Control

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