Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

My feet hurt.

V and I get a lot of our Christmas shopping done on Black Friday. This tradition started several years ago when Wal Mart had a great deal on one of those battery operated Jeeps that kids can sit in and drive around.

V enjoys the shopping, I enjoy being V's muscle/body guard/over watch. There wasn't anything listed in the sales fliers that required our hitting the road at oh dark thirty, but we were out and about by 0800.

We stumbled into some very good deals and pretty much have our shopping done for the kids and grand-kids.

I was pleasantly surprised at the crowds today. Most everyone was pleasant and polite. The phrases "excuse me" and "thank you" were often accompanied by a somewhat tired smile. Where we shopped was nothing like what was being reported on the radio.

It was a long, productive and surprisingly easy going shopping adventure.

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