Thursday, November 06, 2008


Obama is good for gun sales.

From one of my dealers:
To all the guys who have been trying to reach me by phone, I'm sorry but we are getting 50 calls an hour from all over the US. This has been the largest run I have ever seen. Bigger than in '93. One distributor sold 20,000,000 rounds of 223 in one week, and all distributors have absolutely no AR style rifles or lowers or mags in stock. Another distributor sold 6300 30 round mags in 2 days. We have done the best we can rounding up as much as we can afford and trying to keep the prices the same but we are buying from some non regular sources and we can only do what we can do. I buy directly from the factories and when they are out of stock, they are out of stock.
O.K., Y'all just need to slow the heck down and leave some for me.

If you are having problems finding ammo, Ammunition to Go still has good stock with only a one week delay in shipping.

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