Thursday, November 06, 2008

What Should Gun Owners Do Right Now?

A reporter from the Star Telegram emailed a few questions concerning my opinion on the recent spike in firearm sales. One of her questions was "What should gun owners do right now?"

Here is my answer:
What should gun owners do right now?

Aside from purchasing those extra magazines, or that black rifle they have always had on their "to buy" list but never got around to purchasing, gun owners should become much more pro-active in supporting our right to keep and bear arms.

Gun owners in general should join the National Rifle Association. The NRA is the largest and most effective rights organization in the country. The larger the membership, the more pressure can be put on legislators to resist passing anti-gun legislation.

Along with the NRA, Texas gun owners should join the Texas State Rifle Association. The TSRA has been very effective in supporting our right to keep and bear arms here in Texas. The Texas "Shall Issue" CHL law, the Castle Doctrine law, the ability for law abiding Texans to carry a handgun in their vehicles are all fruits of TSRA labor.

Speaking of CHL laws, all Texas gun owners should get their Concealed Handgun License. Folks who go through the time and effort to get a CHL also go through the time and effort to vote. Our representatives in Austin know this. The more people who have a CHL, the less likely our legislators will want to support legislation that we will actively oppose.

Gun owners need to stay vigilant. We need to keep an eye on Congress and the Texas Legislature. If a representative introduces anti-gun legislation, we need to react quickly by writing and calling our legislators to let them know we oppose any further restrictions upon our rights. We need to write letters to the editor and we need to keep our friends informed of what is going on in either Washington D.C. or in Austin.

Finally, we need to take our non-shooting friends out to the range. Introducing new people to the shooting sports is the best way to overcome the misinformation that is pushed by the anti gunners.
Any other ideas on what we should "do right now"?


Anonymous said...

"Any other ideas...?"

Read, read, read...and then pass along your books and periodicals to others who might not be able to afford their own. Most public libraries have their own political agendas that lean to the left so any pro-gun and pro-liberty books on their shelves will be heavily outnumbered by those of the opposing view. And don't waste time donating your books to the public or school libraries; they all have large dumpsters out back. Pass along from private citizen to private citizen as that personal touch always last longer in the minds of people...

Tim Covington said...

I tried adding a family membership to the TSRA last night, and the sight could not find the form processing application.

John R said...

Tim; It seems to be working now. If not, you can call (972) 889-8772 and they will take care of you.