Sunday, November 23, 2008

From the Side Bar

While I have been busy at home and work the last few days, some of the folks on the sidebar have been putting out some quality commentary.

Xavier has penned a couple of excellent posts on two completely different topics.
  • First is A Gun Safety Class from 1956, a class taught at a school and reported on by Life Magazine. We do still have a very few schools that teach gun safety, but not nearly enough.

  • Next up is Black Monday, a timely and informative column on how to protect our computers and personal information from the goblins who would use the Internet to steal from us.
John highlights profiteering at the expense of our troops stationed overseas in AAFES Sucks.

USCitizen announces a new product line, Gun Pr0n: Just In! Desert Eagles. If you have not yet visited his commercial site, you might be missing out on some good deals.

ExistingThing shows off his sewing and design skills with The SKS slimline clip carrier.

Last week David posted We're The Only Ones All Fired Up Enough, commentary on an incident here in Texas involving alcohol, guns, and a Constable. For his efforts, David was invited to A Party in San Benito.

Joe has More about Jim Jones and those who supported him. Some of his supporters might surprise you (but then again maybe not).

Kevin notes that When You Can't Have a Gun . . ., it must be nice that you can afford a bodyguard.

Michael has a few things to say about our next president's choices for his cabinet. Obama's Jack-Booted Thug opines that Eric Holder is the real fascist deal, and our New Attorney General = Janet Reno Lite.

D. Martyn Lloyd-Morgan has a Story from a Victim of the Lautenberg Amendment, more evidence as to why the Lautenberg Amendment must be repealed!


The LawDog shares a story about the life of an LEO and the dregs of our society in Au contraire.

A Jacksonian comments on The Citizen and representative democracy. If you read nothing else from this roundup of posts, read this one.

Steve reports that the Bushmaster ACR/Masada (is) delayed along with a few ideas as to why.

I have not even made it half way through the blogs listed on the side bar and time has ran out for this post. As you can see, there is some quality reading over there on the right. Give one or two of them a click and you may find another new daily read.

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