Friday, November 14, 2008

Officer Involved Shooting

This is the raw dash cam video of a goblin being shot by a police officer.

From KWXT 10 News:

By Eli Ross

It all started the afternoon of Oct. 8, when sheriff’s deputies in Bosque County were following up leads in the report of a sexual assault.

After spotting a car that matched the description of a vehicle used in the sexual assault, Deputy Jeff Hightower attempted to identify the driver.

What happened next was caught on Hightower's dashboard camera; News 10 obtained the graphic footage from the Bosque County Sheriff’s Office...
When you blow the video up to about 5" square, you can see the goblin reach into his right pocket early on in the confrontation. This officer showed great restraint in not shooting any earlier than he did.


Anonymous said...

I'm wondering about the guy in the shorts who kept walking around and why did the cop let him wander around.

Just John said...

Any news on whether or not the goblin expired? Hopefully, he did, and taxpayers will be spared great expense.

John R said...

Hey John, it has been awhile.

I hope things are going well for you and your family.

Yes, the goblin is no longer amongst the living.

John R said...

The guy in the shorts was an old farmer who was helping the goblin. He had broke down at the side of the road.