Monday, November 10, 2008

For New Gun Owners

Firearms are flying off the shelves all over the country. If you have just purchased your first firearm, I have a couple of links for you. With firearm ownership comes a great responsibility. You are responsible to be a safe firearm owner. You are responsible for learning how to safely and efficiently handle your firearm. Your first step is the owners manual, read it and get comfortable with the basic operation of your new firearm. Follow all safety rules in the manual as you learn. If you purchased a used firearm, odds are good you can find a .pdf of the manual online.

For your next step, I recommend these two links:

The Importance of Firearm Safety


Kids and Firearm Safety

Finally, if you do not understand a procedure or operation, ask. Make sure you fully understand how your firearm operates before taking it to the range.

Congratulations on your new purchase, looking forward to seeing you at the range.

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