Thursday, November 20, 2008

V and I are...

...going out to dinner with friends. Not much time to work up a good post, so this is what you get.

That Milt Sparks holster is my daily carry holster and it has easily survived two Texas Summers at my side.


SciFiJim said...

Two summers in Texas! I am new to concealed carry. How comfortable is it to wear in the heat? Does it feel like you have a heating pad on where it sits. I live in the desert and would like recommendations for a concealed holster for a Kahr P40 and a Kimber Ultra Carry .45

John R said...


I find this holster to be much more comfortable in the heat than any of the plastics that I have tried. The weight of the pistol is very well distributed and pulls my Kimber in tight enough that I can wear shorts and a tee shirt.

With the optional tuck in clips, this holster becomes a tuckable that conceals my Kimber in slightly more formal situations.

A belt slide would be more comfortable, but usually does not match the way I like to dress in the heat.

Another Milt Sparks holster you might want to take a look at for IWB carry is the Summer Special.

Ride Fast said...

I like the "NRA" grips.

When I bought my Enfield No.4 at a gun show and paid for it with a NRA credit card the seller was thrilled.

I guess criminals and ATF spies can't get NRA cards ;-p