Saturday, November 15, 2008

Day at the Gun Show

This weekends North Texas gun show is in Fort Worth. It is The Original Fort Worth Gun Show, and it one of my favorite local shows. I knew it was going to be packed when I exited I30 on to Montgomery, the exit was backed up more than usual for a Saturday morning. Parking was scarce at the Amon G. Carter Exhibit Hall. Even the sooper Sekret underground parking lot was full to the brim. It is a good thing there is plenty of alternate parking surrounding the venue.

I made it into the show at about 10:10 and the place was hopping. One of the larger vendors had 13 chairs set up to do paperwork, all the chairs were full and there was a nice line of folks waiting to complete the transactions for firearms they had chosen.

The prices for AR's were through the roof. Some dealers had decent prices on magazines, and others were outrageous. I ended up with 5 new 30 round AR magazines and a new Surefire G2 flashlight. The G2 seems to have a larger and brighter beam than my Cyclops XCF, but the XCF has a thinner aluminum body and a pocket clip. I think the G2 will become my nightstand light and the XCF will continue to be my carry light.

All in all it looked like a good gun show. Everyone was making money and folks seemed to be in a good mood. Prices on a lot of the stuff was high so, as with any gun show, know what you want and what it is worth before going. There are deals to be had, but in this atmosphere you have to keep a sharp eye out for them.

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Anonymous said...

I didn't see many deals. I saw WASR-10's marked $700-$900. I saw PMags for $25. I saw basic AR's for $1800. I ended-up purchasing some reloading supplies, a Surefire flashlight & cigars. It was insanely crowded & I left feeling kind of depressed. :(