Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I arrived at my polling place (Lake Arlington Baptist Church) at around 3:30 and found the parking lot basically empty. Being the law abiding gun owner that I am, I disarmed in the truck before going into the polling place. Once inside I found more poll workers than voters. There were three or four folks voting and no one in line. I voted and got to chat for a bit with the precinct chair before heading back out to the truck. Re-holstering my Kimber was easy as I was wearing my Milt Sparks Versa Max II that is set up with tuckable clips. This is my formal holster that I use in situations where I need to tuck in a shirt and may not keep a jacket on.

I drove around and visited a couple more local polling places and found pretty much the same situation, relatively empty parking lots.

From this small snapshot of election day, it appears that many of the early voters were folks who normally vote on election day.

I was supposed to work a polling place for Bill Zedler, meeting and greeting voters as they came to vote. The funeral took precedence over campaigning. Representative Zedler ran a strong ground campaign, I am confident that he will do well today.

V and I have invitations to both John Cornyn's victory party in Austin and Bill Zedler's party here in Arlington. I really appreciate the invitations, but I think we will stay home and watch the evening unfold from our living room couch.

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Ride Fast said...

That Versa Max looks like a very nice rig. Thanks for sharing.