Thursday, November 06, 2008

Stores say gun-control fears spur sales

From the Star Telegram:

By Angela K. Brown

FORT WORTH, Texas -- While watching Republican presidential candidate John McCain's concession speech, gun owner AJ Sullivan had a sinking feeling.

"Liberals like to ban guns. That's what it comes down to," said Sullivan, 25, a Texas Christian University student.

Sullivan was among hundreds scrambling to buy a weapon Thursday at the gun store Cheaper Than Dirt! - which sold $101,000 in merchandise the day after the election, shattering its single-day sales record, said store owner DeWayne Irwin.
Like I mentioned earlier, Obama is good for gun sales.

Fort Worth's Cheaper Than Dirt! reported about $480,000 in sales in October 2007 but $890,000 last month, jumping to $1 million including the first four days of November, Irwin said. About half of the sales are guns, mostly assault rifles and other weapons that would be subject to the assault-weapons ban if it is reinstated, he said.
A million dollars worth of firearms and firearm related products from one N. Texas store. Now that is good news. Now if we can get these folks to get active in helping to protect our right to keep and bear arms, they'll be able to use those guns long into the future.

The Big Town gun show is going to be packed this weekend, I think I'll pass.


Anonymous said...

"Now if we can get these folks to get active in helping to protect our right to keep and bear arms..."

Well, at least they took the first step; they bought guns and they bought a lot of them...

the pistolero said...

Yep. And I figure if they spend that kind of money to take that step they're that much more likely to be politically active. You'll note the AP reporter didn't contradict what the Brady hack said about the "narrow subsection" of gun owners being afraid, when the facts so clearly state the opposite.

Rabbit said...

I'm glad folks are stepping up and buying firearms; it's long past time to either s#^t or get off the pot. I know one of my local haunts has been slow up until recently, but his sales have picked up nicely.

I'd thought about hitting Big Town this weekend, but then again, I've got plenty of FAL mags, just about enough AR mags, but I doubt I'll find any deals on .308 or .223 out there.

Ah hell...I may go just for the social interaction, anyway. And the jerky.