Saturday, November 01, 2008

Fifty Caliber Institute Raffle

Are you Jonesing for a big bore rifle, but just don't have the cash to make one your own? Are you worried about future legislation from a Democrat controlled Congress that would ban .50 caliber rifles and want the opportunity to own one before that ban goes into effect?

Here is your chance. The Fifty Caliber Institute is raffling off an E.D.M. Arms Windrunner Semi-automatic .50 Cal.

E.D.M. Arms Windrunner Semi-automatic .50 Cal.

Blazing new territory again, FCI is always in the forefront and our next fundraiser isn't any exception.

We've always enjoyed strong support from the manufacturers in the fifty caliber community and once again they have stepped up to the plate to support us in our next fundraising event. We're bringing you the opportunity to own a rifle no one else has. The new semi-auto, .50 caliber, Model 05 from EDM Arms. Well over $9,000 worth of rifle. A California legal variant will be available for a CA winner. EDM Arms has been one of the most reliable supporters of the FCI in previous years, because they believe not just in making a buck, but in protecting our constitutional rights too.

EDM Arms is under production with its new Model 05, gas-operated, semi-auto, .50 BMG rifle. First deliveries of the new semi-auto will commence in 2008. The rifle is available with either 5 or 10 round magazines, and comes in a California-Compliant variant, minus a pistol grip and in the .50 DTC caliber.

The Model 05 doesn’t require any tools to be disassembled; it features a gas piston operation, and has an adjustable buttstock and cheekpiece. The internal components can be removed through the back of the receiver for ease of cleaning. It comes standard with a 28 inch, Lilja, match-grade, 4140 chrome-moly steel barrel, an integral Picatinny rail, weighs 40 pounds empty, and has an overall length of 57 inches.
E.D.M. Arms calls the Windrunner "The most accurate .50 Cal. semi-auto in the market today! EDM ARMS guaranties 1 1/2 MOA at 1000 yards with match grade ammo."

For more information on the Fifty Caliber Institute, E.D.M. Arms, the Windrunner rifle and to purchase tickets, go here.

One last image to wet your whistle:

That was taken at the NRA Annual Meeting and Exhibits in Louisville earlier this year.

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