Friday, November 14, 2008

Local Gun Store Robbery

From the Star Telegram:

By Andrew Chavez

Parker County authorities are looking for three armed men who exchanged gunfire with a clerk during a gun store robbery near Reno on Thursday.

The men, who investigators said were armed with handguns, entered the Fort Worth Arms gun store in northeast Parker County and held the clerk at gunpoint while they snatched guns from a display case, according to Capt. Mike Morgan , a police spokesman.

Sheriff Larry Fowler said they made off with six handguns and a small amount of cash...
I guess these goblins just wanted to do a little Pre-Obama shopping also.

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Anonymous said...

What kind of idiot robs a gun shop? That's like asking for an express ticket to hell on the tip of a hollowpoint. I had the same situation (though not as severe) last week in my gun shop. A kid came in trying to buy a handgun (he was 18). He was acting weird and would not leave, so I put him at gunpoint and called the cops. The world is full of stupid people. I'll be posting the whole story on my blog at

Great blog, by the way - I found it through