Thursday, July 24, 2008

Blood Dancing in San Francisco

Last Sunday, Anthony Bologna and his two sons, Michael and Matthew, were murdered during the mid afternoon in what is being touted as a "road rage" shooting. This incident happened at 3:00 in the afternoon, in San Francisco. San Francisco is the most anti gun city in one of the most anti gun states in the US. San Francisco is also a sanctuary city for illegal aliens, and has a District Attorney who was elected on an anti capitol punishment platform.

From what I can gather from news sources, Mr. Bologna stuck in bumper to bumper traffic at an intersection and blocked traffic. The goblin took offense and killed Anthony and his sons with what has been reported to be an AK 47.

This is what the Mayor of San Francisco has to say about the incident:

We have a term for people like Mayor Newsom, they are the "Blood Dancers". The blood of innocent victims is still warm when the "dancers" come out to play. The Brady Bunch sending out mass mailing fundraisers and politicians submitting draconian legislation within hours of a tragedy. Watch Gavin in the video, his is the face of the Blood Dancers. Notice the smile, the sparkle in his eye, he can barely contain his excitement at the opportunity provided by the slaughter of three people. He dances in the warm blood of his victims.

Oh, did I say "his" victims? Yes, I most certainly did.

You see, the goblin who murdered Anthony and his sons was on the streets of San Francisco courtesy of Mayor Newsom and San Francisco's District Attorney, Kamala Harris.

The goblin is Edwin Ramos. Edwin Ramos is a citizen of El Salvador and is in the United States illegally. Edwin Ramos, the illegal alien, is a beneficiary of Mayor Newsom's sanctuary policy for illegal aliens in San Francisco. Edwin, the illegal alien, was convicted of a felony in 2003, and another in 2004.

From the AP:

The victims' family learned that Ramos had been arrested at least three times before the shooting and evaded deportation, largely because of San Francisco's sanctuary status.

The policy, adopted in 1989 by the city's elected Board of Supervisors, bars local officials from cooperating with federal authorities in their efforts to deport illegal immigrants.

Officials in the juvenile offenders agency interpreted the law to also shield underage felons from deportation by refusing to report undocumented ones. Mayor Gavin Newsom said he rescinded the policy regarding juvenile offenders after learning about it in May.
Edwin's third arrest was just last March. He was arrested when police found a gun that was used in a double murder in the car he was driving. The District Attorney made the decision to not charge Edwin and released him even though the DA's office knew he was under a deportation order. The DA's office also understood that Edwin is a member of MS-13, the most violent and brutal of the South American street gangs.

So Mr. Mayor, just what is it you are smiling about in that video? Pretty much everything you said was a lie. This goblin was on the street due to your policies and the policies of the San Francisco District Attorney's office. You, Mayor Gavin, and District Attorney Harris are directly responsible for this violent criminal's freedom. You gave him the opportunity to kill, and you should be held responsible.

The firearm used in this crime is illegal in the State of California. Edwin Ramos is a felon, prohibited from owning a firearm. Current litigation against the city of San Francisco that is supported by the NRA would not change these facts. It is not the NRA's policies or goals that put this goblin on the streets, but your policies Mayor Newsom. You put him on the street.

I am late getting to this story.

Conservative 247 has San Francisco Mayor Blames NRA for Triple Homicide

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The video of Mayor Newsom came from CBS5 - DA Charges Suspect In SF Road Rage Murders. The complete video is worth your while.

Yuri did the editing of the video for me, thanks man.

ETA Thirdpower who proves the equation Criminal Empowerment + Unenforced Laws = Murder


Jake (formerly Riposte3) said...

Looks like the MSM has picked up the immigration angle now:
(from the AP, so I won't quote them on someone else's blog)

Of course, Newsom is spouting gibberish trying to satisfy both sides of the immigration debate without really saying anything.

TexasFred said...

Newsome is quite likely trying to figure out some way to keep from being made a part of the HUGE suit that is bound to follow...

I may be killed in a road rage incident the very next time I go somewhere but you can bank on this, it won't be because I lack the tools to shoot back...