Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Embarrassing Childhood Moments

Oh my goodness. This story just gets better and better every day.

Yesterday I posted a video of a pizza joint robber getting a serious smack down by an employee of the eatery. It turns out that the robber was the father of one of the servers.

From the Star Telegram Crime Time Blog:

Police: Pizza restaurant robbery was a family affair

...But a clerk at a Denton pizza restaurant may have the embarrassing moment to top all embarrassing moments.

Police there say the clerk's parents and her husband have been arrested and charged with robbing the restaurant where she was working. The clerk won't be charged, police said, because she was unaware of the plan.

To add to the clerk's child-parent issues, she discovered that her father was the robber when he was roundly clocked during the robbery by one of her co-workers, sending dad's wig and sunglasses flying and knocking him unconscious, police said. Mom, dad, and the clerk's husband were caught a short time later in a vehicle, police said.
Updated video can be found here.

More details from the Star Telegram can be found at "Father robs pizza restaurant where daughter works".

That is one messed up family.


TexasFred said...

A 1st class shot at *Stupid Criminal Tricks* volume 3 or 4 or whatever... LMAO...

NotClauswitz said...

It's not quite Darwin level but it's some kind of breeding problem...

Anonymous said...

I was wondering why she was pulling her co-worker off the assailant, now we know.