Tuesday, July 01, 2008

There Has to be an Aggie Joke in Here Somewhere

It is good to see that Texas A&M is focusing it's research on the betterment of mankind.

From the Star Telegram:

By Barry Shlachter

Someday watermelons might have Viagra-like properties, researchers at Texas A&M University predicted Monday.

That said, much study and much breeding remain.

One problem is that the beneficial ingredient in good-eating varieties — citrulline — is now mainly found in the rind.

Researchers such as A&M's Steve King are trying to find melon with citrulline in the fruit's flesh.

"We will have to screen thousands and thousands of watermelon until we find it," King said in a call from College Station. "And when we do, it might not be good eating. So through crossbreeding, we will have to move it into melons that are."

Slices or juice would then have to be fed to human volunteers for rounds of tests. And frankly, millions in yet-to-be-unearthed funding would be needed.
No wonder Grandma always put up a few jars of pickled watermelon rind.

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