Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I Hate it...

...when I get home from the store and open the box of whatever it was that I purchased only to find that it is not right.

On the way home from seeing my daughter off at the airport, I stopped by the dealership to pick up a set Sport Utility Bars that V had ordered for her Jeep. I get home, open the box, and find that it is a mismatched set. One bar is more than 6" longer than the other. Off I go, back to the dealership to return the bars and now we have to wait for another set to come in. With all the quality standards that automotive suppliers have to maintain, it is kind of surprising to find a screw up like this. In the grand scheme of things it is no big deal, just a project I wanted to get completed on this day off.

On a bright note, today is Gorgeous Grandma Day. Seeing as how I'm married to one gorgeous grandma, I can use this day off to take her out to lunch!

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