Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Hypocrites at the Violence Policy Center

J.R. Labbe wrote a very good editorial for the Star Telegram on Heller's victory in the DC v Heller case.

The divide between gun-rights advocates and those who think every firearm in the United States should be smelted down into a giant pile of molten mush wasn’t narrowed by much with the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Washington, D.C., gun ban..

A 9-0 vote one way or the other couldn’t do that.

The gun-rights folks did have more to celebrate after last month’s decision was announced. Finally, Americans have a bright-line answer of "yes" to the question of whether the Second Amendment outlines an individual right to keep a firearm, at least in one’s home.

Of course, residents of the District of Columbia may still be out of luck when it comes to buying a handgun for the home because they would have to cross a state line to buy one, and that’s still a no-no.
It is a good article and explains some of the issues the antis are still trying to push. There is one fact that Ms. Labbe misstated.

There is a Federal Firearm License (FFL) holder in Washington D.C. Joshua Alan Sugerman of the very anti gun Violence Policy Center holds an FFL.

That is right folks, the same group that lobbies so hard to take away all of our firearms is one of the very few FFL's in Washington DC. There are quite a few questions about how they happen to have qualified for an FFL seeing as how one of the requirements is to be actively purchasing and selling firearms. These hypocrites have an FFL, so if you live in DC, give them a call and see what they charge for a transfer.

H/T to The War on Guns for the heads on on the VPC FFL


the pistolero said...

From what I remember, Sugarmann is the ONLY person in D.C. with an FFL. Folks have commented here and there that the ATF should yank his license since he, as far as anyone knows, isn't actively engaged in the business of selling firearms. But as far as I know the ATF hasn't even looked into that. I guess they're too busy hassling honest folks like Ryan Horsley...

Anonymous said...

Good for me, but not for thee.

Elitist scum.