Sunday, July 06, 2008

Painting the Nation's Arms Neon

Law Enforcement Technology, May 2008

When I saw the cover of the May issue of Law Enforcement Technology, I thought I had hit pay dirt. I thought I had found an easily fiskable article on the evils of brightly colored firearms.

I was wrong. What I found instead was a very well written article on the details and history of all the hoopla over brightly colored firearms. Of course Steve Lauer (Bloomberg v. Lauer Custom Weaponry) was quoted in the article, Bloomberg failed to respond to the author's request for an interview.

PAINTING the nation's arms neon
Are brightly colored firearms putting officers in danger?

Most of us can be fairly certain that Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City doesn't know us from Adam. We could bet our bottom dollar that the politically unaffiliated, 6-year Big Apple mayor has never even heard our names before, and prior to June 2006, if Steve Lauer were a betting man; he'd have done the same.

However, in an elaborately put together press junket in NYC, thousands of miles from Lauer at his business in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, Bloomberg not only called him out by name, but also insulted his business, telling the crowd of news reporters and politicians he believes there to be malice behind the firearm finishing market, which includes the innovative product Lauer makes, DuraCoat. Further, Bloomberg predicted tragedy would result if firearms were not prohibited in certain bright colors.

In essence, Bloomberg's position on the fluorescent guns was two-pronged: He alleged that by design, brightly colored firearms appeal to children because they resemble toys; and in addition, they are detrimental to law enforcement officers, who may hesitate to react when faced with a citizen holding one of the candy-colored guns.
Head over and give the article a read, it is good stuff.


catfish said...

Bloomberg is a moron.

Heard anything yet about winning training time with TJ???

John R said...

No news yet.

I keep checking though, like a kid waiting on the mail man to bring him his first order out of the back of a comic book.

TexasFred said...

Ya know, the matte black of my XD-45 Tactical suits me just fine, and I guess you saw the email I sent about the UMPC, I mentioned you and Citizen and linked ya too...