Sunday, July 13, 2008

Day at the Range

Today's IDSA match was hot, 95°F in the shade kind of hot, and it was a blast.

The match director did a great job of setting up the eight stages we shot today. The first four were taken from the movies, and the later stages got us moving a bit.

The stage that had the most no-shoot targets and required the most concentration was the last stage of the day. This stage required two magazine changes for the 1911 shooters and I ended up dropping a full mag on the ground. I did end up clearing the stage clean, but recovering from the fumbled mag change killed me time wise.

This was the first time that I wore my Woolrich Elite Four Pocket Discreet Short-Sleeve Shirt to a match. This shirt provides excellent concealment for my Kimber and I do wear it often. It is a bit heavy for a hot day at the range, but very comfortable for just about every where else. The bottom button of this shirt is a false button and the shirt is held closed with a magnet. The magnet is strong enough to hold the shirt closed during normal activities and makes drawing a firearm from concealment much easier than with standard button down shirts. One lesson learned today concerns the lower pockets. On a couple of stages I dropped my top off magazine in the weak side lower pocket. The extra weight just forward of my spare mags did interfere with mag changes during the stage. Other than that, this shirt is a much better choice for concealed carry than a silk Hawaiian shirt. Speaking of Hawaiian shirts, my eldest grandson just came into the house with V and his mom. He had to hurry back to the office to show off his first Hawaiian shirt. He wanted to dress like Papa J.

Overall I did well in this match. I only received one 10 sec. time penalty for failing to neutralize a target. The Kimber ran 100%, but I did blow two reloads. The Wilson ETM and the Tripp Research Cobra Mag that I am testing also ran 100%. If I could do as well as my equipment, I would be tearing this game up.

The upcoming weekend with Todd Jarrett should really help me improve.


NotClauswitz said...

I really LIKE the shirt! Pretty much all my shirts now (that are not t-shirts) are Hawaiian, from our trips there.

catfish said...

We're shooting some IDPA at Quail Creek tomorrow, come out and play!

10:00 hammer down...