Saturday, July 05, 2008

A New Era in Gun Freedom This 4th of July

One highlight of the NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits was the opportunity to meet and spend some time with Paul Helinski, the force behind GunsAmerica.

Paul has a message for gunnies on Independence Day:

Hi Everyone,

Today we celebrate our country, The United States of America. We are the greatest nation that has ever been, period. We stand for freedom.

Freedom isn't free. We owe the freedom that we live in to the brave men and women in uniform here and abroad who protect what others would take away from us. Please remember to thank them in the midst of your 4th celebrations.

This past week the United States Constitution spoke, and yes, our 2nd Amendment Right reached a new stature when the United States Supreme Court said very plainly that guns are an individual right. If you went to the NRA show you probably came home with one of our bumper stickers declaring this.

But the Constitution did not speak by itself. The NRA, Gun Owners of America, the state gun owner groups, individual gun clubs, JFPO and other smaller gun rights groups made this happen. For years they have not only pushed for pro-gun justices, pro-gun politicians and paid for pro-gun lobbyists, they have also helped to educate the next generation of shooters. These people will grow to be the next generation of voters, campaign coffers, politicians and even media people.

Already the gun grabbers have a next plan of attack. We surmised long ago (the Heller case was un-losable) that it would be taxing and regulating gun dealers, and of course, getting rid of gun shows.

For that reason we feel that as a gun community we should all support our stocking dealers. I am personally a lifetime customer of Kittery Trading Post in Maine and I buy my guns at retail, mostly from them (and no they don't have a history of being big GA advertisers). We have created a whole suite of services for stocking dealers and we urge you to share them with your favorite gun shop. Without these tools to connect them to the next generation of gun buyers we feel that the next wave of taxes and hoops to jump through will make many of them close down. Help them, and by helping them you will help gun freedom survive in our country. You can't own guns if you don't have a place to buy them.

We also ask you to post a note at your gun club or range about posting events into our local ads. All shooting and training events are free. There is no membership level required. It is really free. The events show up automatically next to the search results and on the individual ad pages. If you know a gun show and there are CCW classes there, even that is free to advertise!

And lastly, please vote, at least once, this November. As a hardcore conservative I have my reservations about John McCain, but the alternative is communist anarchy at the highest level of our Government. Barak Obama considers gun nuts to be freaks who are angry at something or someone. Clearly he has never held a fine doublegun in his hands, or cranked a 73 Winchester empty, or shot bottles off fence posts with a Beretta 92. And he certainly is not a man I would trust with my back in a fight. The gun grabbers are excited because they think the right wingers are going to stay away from the polls. They are wrong! We are going to vote, and we are going to vote for John McCain.

Don't forget your state races too. There are some great people out there in trouble, like John Sununu from my native NH. He lived not ten miles from me for many years and he's a good guy we always can count on as gun owners. Show up this November, pay attention, and make sure your NRA membership is up to date (I am a life member).

Our gun freedom won an important battle this past week, but the fight will never be over.


Paul (Shlomo) Helinski
Where America Buys and Sells Guns
All you have to do is read the editorials in your local paper for proof that the Antis are going to be hard at it. We won a major battle with DC v Heller, but the war goes on. Learn all you can about your candidates, contact them with questions about the issues that are important to you, and vote this November. It is important.

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