Wednesday, July 23, 2008

How do You...

...edit RealPlayer video?

I have just spent the last three hours trying to figure out how to edit RealPlayer video to no avail.

It sure would be handy to cut out snippets of long video.


Justin Buist said...

I don't think ya do.

If you can convert it into an mpeg4 video stream you could import it into a video editor, but Real is specifically designed to prevent folks from lifting video and reusing it.

Anonymous said...

If it's a stream, then you'll need a utility to dump the stream to a file first.

MS MovieMaker likes (MS-)MPEG-4. I don't know about the others. Would you mind terribly posting a link to the media in question?

What might work in the long run is to send a message anonymously to the content provider, and tell them that 1995 called, and it wants its irrelevant container format back.

(It's sort of funny to watch these companies battle over a tiny bit of IP real estate using the prevent-our-potential-customers from-using-our-technology business model -- while YouTube comes out of nowhere and gets huge by making it easier for users.)

Anonymous said...

Not sure if this'd work, as I'm not 100% up on the supported formats, but on a Linux box, I'd try mencode or transcode to convert it to an editable format.

John R said...

Here is what I was trying to do today.

Mayor Fenty is dancing in the blood of innocents toward the end of the clip here. I just want his little snippit.

Justin Buist said...

That's not RealPlayer. It's pretty easy to tell.

Is it working right? It's not RealPlayer.

It's Flash based. Lemme see what I can do for ya.

Justin Buist said...

You can either try downloading this file:

or my mirror of it it here:

That'll get you the Flash video format of it. I'm currently on a Linux box and even this silly thing can play it back in whatever media player I'm using. I think it's Totem.

I would assume any video editing software in the world should be able to open FLV. Heck, my phone understands it.

If it doesn't let me know. I'm already working on installing transcoding software. I needed to get that done anyway.

Yeah, I'm a dork.

Justin Buist said...

Okay, here ya go.

FLV Version (8 MB)

MPG version (17 MB)

The MPG version is in MPEG 1 with an MP3 audio layer... so ANYTHING should be able to open that up.

Anonymous said...

Here's a version with just Mayor Newsome's asinine comments.

I hope this helps!

John R said...

Thanks guys, I can work on this when I get off of work this afternoon.