Wednesday, July 09, 2008

We Didn't Make the Dallas Morning News This Week

Today was the last day of my daughter's visit from New Mexico. L and her two children spent the last two weeks at Casa JR, and I'm thinking we had a pretty good time. The kids are 2 and 3 and they got to see fireworks from a sailboat on Lake Arlington, swam a bit, played with chalk, found favorite bugs and just got to hang around with Papa J and V. These times are too few and far between. I was sorry to watch them go through security at the airport this afternoon.

Do you know what did not happen at this law abiding gun owner's house? The kids did not discover an unattended handgun and hurt themselves. My daughters were not drawn to commit suicide (one is still visiting from Delaware), and my firearms were not used against us. Pretty amazing isn't it?

Actually, no, it is not. This scenario is played over and over again, thousands of times each week. Children visit the homes of responsible gun owners, and nothing happens. Imagine that.

Sorry DMN, nothing to report here.


Anonymous said...

The only difference between a gun free home and our home is we can protect our children from scum and still be safe.

Anonymous said...


Might want to check those guns for malfunctions, surely they should have required at least one of those actions.

Glad the family visit went so well and everyone stayed safe.

Have you discussed the recent kidnapping from Walmart with V?

Situational awareness and precautions are so important, even in a town like ours.