Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Aggies Get It

The Texas A&M student paper, The Batt, has a very informative article on the basics of owning a firearm. It covers responsibilities, safety and the law. it is quite good for a college paper.

By Teri Ruland

Before pulling the trigger or picking up a firearm, safety tips, laws and what granddad taught you can play a role in how to properly use a firearm.
What is great about this article, an LEO factually explains what the term "premises" means as it pertains to Texas CHL holders and prohibited places. Give it a read.


Anonymous said...


LOL. No wonder you guys had to drink some serious kool-aid to vote for this guy.

John R said...


The fact that you don't even take the time to scroll down a couple of posts to plant this Ombama spam indicates that you are no more than a troll. Next time try to at least post your spam some place where it might be on topic.