Monday, October 13, 2008

Hunt Like a Girl

Some of my fondest memories from my childhood are of dove and pheasant hunting with my Dad and his friends. Those were special times that I cherish.

ABC News ran an interesting segment and article on girl hunters.

By Gigi Stone

What might seem fun to most 9-year-old girls doesn't hold much interest for 9-year-old Carolyn White from Dallas, Texas. She thinks Barbie dolls and trips to the mall are boring. She prefers spending Saturdays hunting with her father. " It's wonderful. You feel like you can do anything and it's really cool."

Hunting schools for girls designed to encourage participation in sport.This particular Saturday, Carolyn killed her first deer, as part of an all-girls hunting trip at Wildcat Mountain Ranch in Robert Lee, Texas. It is one of a number of supervised all-girls hunting trips that state wildlife officials are organizing around the country in an effort to attract girls to try to help keep hunters from becoming an endangered species...

All in all a pretty good article. There is, of course, the Humane Society obligatory quote, but that is more than offset by the words of the girl hunters.

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