Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Live Chat McCain/Obama Debate Starts Now

Chat is now closed, thanks for joining us.

Those of you who participated, let me know what you thought of this format. Is it something you would like to see again?


pops1911 said...


I though it was good to be able to see what others thought - even though it was obvious. But it is nice to get to know others. I don't participate much, but I rea many blogs, forums etc. And I email senators, congressmen, presidents, governors, news media & the rest of the idiots (even some of the good ones).

I assume you can control the access to some of the posts - it got a little crazy toward the end with all the anon BS. Maybe tighten the signup. I had no problem signing up last night & was glad I did. But then I don't care if people need to contact me either - they are welcome.

I'd like to see it again especially for the next debate - it may make or break the election for the undecideds.

John R said...

Yeah, the Trolls did get a bit out of hand there for a while.

I'll do it again for the next debate.

Unknown said...

Chat was great, hope to see it more often. Wouldn't mind seeing a permanent chat spot on the blog. It was something I tried to do on my blog but I was not getting enough traffic.

Anonymous said...

I know everyone is very emotional about this vote,
please Watch the true vids
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