Thursday, October 16, 2008

Texas Senate District 10 Election

Texas Senate District 10 is currently represented by Republican Kim Brimer. Opposing Senator Brimer this election season is Democrat Candidate Wendy Davis. Wendy Davis has held a position on the Fort Worth City Council. While on the Fort Worth City Council, Wendy Davis attempted to make private transfer of firearms at Fort Worth gun shows illegal.

This is old news, but worth repeating. I am pleasantly surprised that WFAA is mentioning this important issue.

By Brad Watson

FORT WORTH — Gun shows are practically a Texas tradition. But now the issue of weapons sold at those shows has become a high caliber controversy in a Tarrant County state senate race.

Since the early 1970s, the City of Fort Worth has leased facilities like the Will Rogers Memorial Center for gun shows. While serving on the city council in 2000, Wendy Davis proposed limiting who could sell guns at these shows.

That controversy is now following her into the state Senate race.

"She has a proven record of attempting to pass what we consider to be bad regulations," said James Dark, executive director of the Texas State Rifle Association.

Davis says she wanted only licensed gun dealers at shows on city property since federal law requires they must do background checks on buyers.

Shows that wouldn't agree to that stipulation would have been banned under the proposal...
Goblins do not purchase their firearms at gun shows. They do not purchase them from FFL dealers, and they do not purchase them from private individuals. If a goblin wants a firearm seen at a gun show, they get a friend or relative to purchase it for them. This "straw purchase" is already illegal. The vast majority of goblins either steal guns from law abiding citizens, or purchase them from other goblins.

During the last legislative session, a bill was introduced to "close the gun show loophole" here in Texas. The bill was HB 594 and I commented on it here. HB 594 did not gain any traction at all in the legislature and was allowed to die off in committee.

We do not need to send another anti gun Senator to Austin, the ones that are already there are a few to many as it is.

This is one reason why I am supporting Kim Brimer for Senator. I am not alone. Senator Brimer is also supported by U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, the Mayors of all 19 cities in Senate District 10, and my State Rep., Dr. Diane Patrick.


Anonymous said...

If you watch the piece, Wendy says that she is fully, 100% in support of our right to bear arms.

Bob S. said...

If I wasn't planning on voting for Brimer already, this would make sure.

John R said...

Anon: I did watch the piece, more than once actually. She did state that she isw 100% in support of our RKBA. But you know what? Actions speak much louder than words.