Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lunch Time Conference Call

Lunch was spent with a few fellow bloggers and Second Amendment advocates on a conference call with Governor Blunt of Missouri. The call was courtesy of a couple of the folks over at QandO Online Magazine. I left my notes at work, so I will not list the bloggers who participated which will prevent me from leaving anyone out. I was happy to see that Dave Kopel of The Independence Institute was there. Also on the call was Cam Edwards of the NRA show Cam & Company, and a representative of the Cato Institute.

Governor Blunt started the conversation by highlighting a few of the RKBA accomplishments that Missouri has achieved over the past few years. Missouri is a "Shall Issue" state with a Castle Doctrine law. The Governor mentioned passing legislation that protects established ranges from frivolous lawsuits over noise and the like, I will have to look into that, sounds like good law to me.

The Governor then detailed Obama's hard core anti gun history. Folks, Barack Obama has spent a very large portion of his professional and public career attempting to squash our right to keep and bear arms. Barack Obama is anti gun, period. If you are a gun owner, and you vote for Barack Obama, you are asking the .gov to prevent you from purchasing any more firearms. That is it in a nut shell.

The call was then opened up to questions, and here is where my notes would come in handy. A couple of the bloggers questioned how we could trust John McCain with our RKBA. We know that McCain is not a strong advocate of our unfettered RKBA. John stood in front of the NRA members at the Annual Meetings and stated that he still wants to close the "Gun Show Loophole".

John McCain advocates the elimination of the private transfer of firearms.

Barack Obama advocates for the elimination of all firearm sales, the elimination of concealed carry of handguns by private citizens, a new and improved assault weapons ban, a 500% tax increase on all firearms and ammunition, and criminalizing the use of self defence within your own home.

This is just the off the top of my head short list of what Barack Obama has championed in the past.

Barack Obama is anti gun. That is just one of his policies that trouble me.

Others asked questions about ACORN and voter fraud, polling and other election related issues.

The call ended too soon for me to ask anything, but I enjoyed being involved.

I'll post other blogger comments as I find them.

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Anonymous said...

It was a great call - wasn't on it myself but heard the recording over at The Liberty Papers. Blunt is a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment - and is doing all he can to stop Obama and his cronies from restricting these rights. A rising star of the GOP, indeed.