Monday, October 06, 2008

A Gun Rights Editorial...

...from the November issue of Soldier of Fortune.

I received this in my email from one of the folks over at SOF. I can not link to the editorial, it is subscription only, so I will post it in it's entirety.

YOU Have the Future of the Second Amendment in Your Hands
(or in your voting booth)

By Lt. Col. Robert K. Brown, USAR (Ret.) and Steve Schreiner
In August of 1992, RKB had a meeting with Jeb Bush in Miami regarding the upcoming presidential election. After pleasantries were exchanged, the conversation quickly turned to whom the “gunnies” would support. Bush commented, in a rather snide manner, something to the effect that “They have no choice but to vote Republican. They would never vote for Clinton.” RKB countered, “But they do have a choice.” Bush replied, raising his eyebrows, “And what is that?” RKB replied, “They can stay home.” They did, and we got eight years of Slick Willie and Hillary.

If you want to save the Second Amendment and our guns, we cannot let this happen again!!

Keep in mind George W’s successor will nominate between two and four justices to the Supremes as well as numerous federal judges.

Bottom, bottom line regarding the upcoming presidential election and its potential subsequent impact on Second Amendment rights is this. No one can predict what the rulings will be of McCain-appointed justices to the Supreme Court regarding the Second Amendment…but we sure as hell can predict the rulings of any justices appointed by Nobama or Hillary or Biden.

And, therefore, anti-gun justices can reverse the Heller decision as easy as not. So that, gentle readers, is why we all have to vote, and vote for McCain.

We recently received a photo of the front of longtime SOF’er, Bob Irwin’s gun store in Vegas, strangely enough called “The Gun Store.” As you see in the photo, the sign he put up on the front of his store says it all. We decided to give Irwin a holler to see what he had to say regarding the importance of the upcoming elections.

Sign at The Gun Store

SOF: From your perspective, how important is it for “gunnies” to vote in this election?

Irwin: It is crucial. Obama, Biden and a Democratic Congress will plot and connive to pass a massive antigun legislative agenda. Obama, a Chicago boy, hates guns. He doesn’t even own a dog, let alone a gun. McCain owns four dogs.

SOF:What about those individuals who say, “Neither candidate is satisfactory . . . I’m not going to vote”?

Irwin: They are fools. Obama is being attacked, but McCain is not yet (as we go to press) endorsed by NRA/ILA. Nobody is perfect, but by not voting they are giving the election to Obama/Biden. A non-vote is a vote for Obama/Biden.

SOF:What are your thoughts about the Libertarians and ex-congressman Bob Barr? And how they may impact on the future of the Second Amendment?

Irwin: Bob Barr is doing a huge disservice to the “gunnies.” His take from McCain is only partially balanced off by the votes Ralph Nader will take from Obama. If his ego is that big, then he needs to retire to an Alzheimer treatment center.

SOF: Do you mind if other gun stores put up a sign like you have on the front of your store?

Irwin: Be my guest. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

(SOF will print the photos of other gun stores that emulate Irwin. Bob Irwin is running for State Assembly in Nevada with four others to oppose a four-term Democrat.)
Just something to think about if you have not yet decided who to vote for next month. I honestly do not know who these "undecided" voters are, but if any of you do end up here, let me help "decide" you.


Anonymous said...

I am a bit misquoted here by Col. Brown. I believe I said "Obama is from Chicago" rather than the statement here. Although I do believe that Bob Barr is seriously hurting the gun side with his candidacy, the Alzhiemer comment is not mine either. The Colonel is making me a bit more colorful than I really am. Bob Irwin

John R said...

Hey Bob; Thanks for stopping by and clarifying that for us.

I do like your sign, it pretty much says it all.