Thursday, October 09, 2008

Texas Senatorial Candidate Debate

Senator John Cornyn will Debate Democrat contender Rick Noriega and Libertarian Yvonne Schick in Houston this evening. The Debate will be carried throughout Texas on PBS at 8:00PM (except in Amarillo where it will air at 9:00).

I am very disappointed with our Jr. Senator's vote on the "Bailout Bill". I honestly expected better from him and hope he can get it in gear and work hard to redeem himself with those of us who have supported him. I have expressed my disappointment to the campaign and to the Senator, as have many other Texans. I get the feeling that he knows he stepped in it this time, time will tell if he has learned his lesson.

I will continue to support John Cornyn in this election. He has stood against John McCain in the past when McCain was wrong, and I expect him do do so in the future. If Obama happens to win this presidential election, we will need a Senator with some experience and bearing in the Senate to help hold back the tide of socialistic legislation that will be introduced on Capitol Hill. That Senator, I still believe, is John Cornyn.

Like BigJolly says over at Lone Star Times:

For all of the grief that Sen. Cornyn has caused me with his vote to socialize the country by voting for the wasteful, irresponsible $700 billion gift to Wall Street, he has been reliably conservative most of the time. And yes, I still want to scream at him and kick him off his big bad John horse because of that socialist give-away.

But what is done is done and there is no going back. At least he was man enough to address Lone Star Times readers directly with the reasoning behind the vote. Perhaps he will be true to his word and make certain that at least some of the money isn’t wasted on spa parties for bankers and their staffs.

Watch the debate - I’m certain that you too will see that re-electing John Cornyn is the best choice for Texas...
It should be a good debate and Senator Cornyn should be able to win it hands down.

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Anonymous said...

The Rick Noriega Campaign has been intentionally giving out the false information that Noriega, candidate for US Senate, is rated A by the Texas State Rifle Association ( The campaign rejected repeated opportunities to fill out the questionnaire shared with NRA, and stated their reason being the questions were too narrowly written (pro-gun)on issues that candidate Noriega might ultimately vote against. The issues included gun show loop hole, assault weapon ban, the usual!

Candidate Rick Noriega is a ? but is he really.