Thursday, October 16, 2008

Another Goblin Stopped by Armed Intended Victim

I am liking the unnamed author of this news article from Austin.

From Austin News KXAN:
AUSTIN, Texas (KXAN) - A party at an apartment on Oltorf Street in South Austin turned into a crime scene over the weekend.

Police got the call around 2:30 a.m. on Oct.11. The 911 caller said that "there was trouble." According to police reports, 26-year-old John Crayton robbed a number of party goers and ended up getting himself shot in the stomach...
The goblin "...ended up getting himself shot in the stomach." That is a hoot.

This particular goblin was not very good at his chosen profession. He starts out the robbery with a negligent discharge -
"They heard a gunshot from inside the closet, and they wondered where the gunshot came from," said Sgt. Brian Miller with the Austin Police Department. "They opened up the closet, and Mr. Crayton jumped out. He proceeded to rob everybody inside the apartment."
- finds the rewards may not have been worth the risk, -
All he got was a pack of Marlboro Light cigarettes and $3 from one victim.
- and ended up ruining a good shirt in the process.
Crayton apparently planned to exit out of back of the apartment and kicked in the door to a bedroom. Police said there were two other victims in that room, and one had a gun.

"I don't think he anticipated that," Miller said. "I don't think he anticipated anyone being there."

The victim in that room took aim and shot Crayton in the stomach.
Ocean's 11 he's not.

There was one quote from Sgt. Brian Miller that really jumped out at me:
"It was registered, he owns it and by Texas law, you have the right to defend your property and yourself," Miller said.
It was registered? With who? We don't register our guns here in Texas Sargent, you should know that. We can buy and sell private property, privately. Even when we purchase a firearm from an FFL, the only place that record is supposed to be kept is on site at the FFL holders location. So where did you look to determine that "It was registered."?

One last fun quote from the article:
The victim who shot him won't be charged.
"The victim who shot him..." Did I mention that I like this reporter?

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