Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Do Something

There will be times during out next legislative session when we will be calling, writing and faxing our representatives asking them to support one issue or oppose another. We will be passionate and filled with purpose. We will expect more than just a simple form letter for a reply and we will express our dissatisfaction if our representatives vote against our will.

Why wait? Why not get involved now? I know that there has to be at least one candidate somewhere on the ticket who you know deserves your support, so go support them. We are three weeks out from a very important election, and quality representatives need our help.

Something as simple as stuffing envelopes can be a big help for a stretched campaign. A little help now could go a long way towards gaining access to the candidates ear after the election.

If you happen to be in N. Texas, and you do not know who to support, you can come give me a hand walking precincts for Bill Zedler this weekend. I have committed to coming up with at least two teams of walkers for Saturday morning. I could use your help.

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