Saturday, October 18, 2008

More Pounding the Pavement

It is a beautiful day in North Texas, just about perfect for pounding the pavement and talking with folks about getting to the polls and voting for Representative Bill Zedler.

There was quite a turn out for today's push. I was pleasantly surprised by all the college age volunteers that showed up today. We even had Miss Teen Tarrant County helping to get out the vote for Rep. Zedler.

I had a good time. V was driving and our small team of two and a helper was working our list of registered voters who had a history of voting Republican or Independent. We made personal contact with well over 200 households, contact which I know made a difference for at lease a few of the people I spoke with.

There has to be at lease one candidate on the ticket who is worth your time. Contact that candidate and offer to help, there are lots of ways you can help, and any help you can give will be appreciated and remembered.

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