Monday, October 27, 2008


I really doubt that there are any "undecided" voters visiting this particular blog. You folks are either voting for McCain, for a third party, not voting, or voting for Obama. Either way, you have made up your minds.

This post is for those of you who have decided to sit out this election, I would ask that you reconsider.

Please consider the consequences of an Obama presidency coupled with a super majority of Democrats in Congress. As far as gun rights go, what gun rights? The first bit of legislation that will pass is H.R. 1022 or similar, a revamped version of an Assault Weapons Ban. Not familiar with H.R. 1022? Go here. Taxes? Obama will allow the Bush Tax Cuts to expire, this is a tax increase on each and every one of us who pay taxes. Obama's health plan will ruin the worlds best heath care system. Yes, we can reduce the cost of our health care, but not by nationalising it. Are you concerned about free speech? Just look at how Obama and his minions treat those who disagree with him. They sic attorneys after stations that show NRA ads, spend one heck of a lot of money investigating a plumber who asks an inopportune question, and fully support the Fairness Doctrine.

Obama is an old school Marxist and he will do his very best to destroy America as we know it. I know that it is hard to believe, but facts are facts. He is a nobody from nowhere who happened to make a great speech at the previous Democrat National Convention.

Please do not sit out this election, help to defeat Barack Obama.


Anonymous said...

Sage words. Well at least the "vote" part.

Obama won't nationalize healthcare. I wish he would. I'm Canadian and know a thing or two about it.

Obama won't raise taxes. He just won't continue with the idiotic tax cut for the wealthy that bush passed. Be honest, how much did you see in difference between the Clinton years and the Bush? A few hundred? Those fat cats running our big corporations into the ground certainly got a big one, but not the rest of us.

Obama will be a relief for our civil rights. Maybe he'll undo some of the damage Bush has done. Maybe you'll get a lawyer before being haulded off to never-never land for any old reason.

Obama may reinstate the assault weapons ban, and my thinking has changed on this since 2004. I hope he does not, but it may happen.

Obama is no marxist. Thats just baloney spewed by the desperate.

LIke it or not, Ameria needs change. Things have really sucked under Bush and its obvious to most everyone. Obama represents hope. Something McCain and his huge swing right does not represent.

I doubt he'll be able to stop the slide of this country, but he has a better chance than McCain. Good luck to him...

John R said...

The few hundred that Obama wants to take away from me are my "few hundred". Everyone who pays taxes will get a tax increase when the Bush tax cuts expire. Add on the additional tax load incurred by an increase in the capitol gains tax (paid by everyone who saves for retirement), and everyone who has even the slightest amount of enterprise will pay more in taxes.

The increased taxes on business will be passed on to the consumer, so we will be paying taxes second hand by paying more for our goods.

So to say that Obama will not raise our taxes is pretty disingenuous.

If you are looking for Obama to relax any portion of the Patriot Act, you will be looking for a very long time. He has already proven that he feels that power is a commodity to be abused.

And yes, Obama is a Marxist. My world view has been shaped by my father, my parents friends and those that I have looked up to. When you look at Obama's circle of influences, one theme is constant. His father, pastor and his mentors have all been if not Marxist, at least very Socialist.

If have to ask, if you like socialized medicine so much and enjoy living under a nanny state, why did you move to the United States?