Monday, October 13, 2008

Volunteers Needed

Last Saturday I could not assist the Bill Zedler campaign because work got in the way. While folks were out pounding the pavement for Representative Zedler, I was at work fixing a ruptured water pipe. To make up for missing out last weekend, I have agreed to put together at least two teams of walkers this Saturday (the 18th) to help encourage folks to make it to the polls and vote for Bill Zedler. Early voting starts next Monday so it is very important to make that personal contact with prospective voters right away.

We will meet at my house early Friday evening for orientation, then hit the streets at 0900 Saturday morning. If you want, I can do burgers and beer when we finish up on Saturday.

Representative Zedler is a strong supporter of our right to keep and bear arms, it is time for us to support him and help to keep him in office.

Let me know in comments or by email.

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