Saturday, October 18, 2008

An Email About Hope

If you have been following this blog for the past couple of months, you probably know that I was a Volunteer Deputy Registrar in Tarrant County. This position meant that I could register voters. I use the past tense because voter registration ended on October 6th here in Texas. I was not as good at registering voters as those ACORN folks are. I could not find one dead person, cartoon character or super hero who wanted to vote in this election.

My friend Phil is a Deputy Registrar in Dallas County. After all the news of ACORN activities this past week, I asked if I could share an email he sent after we worked a gun show together a Few Sundays back.

It's an email about hope:
...By the way--I did get my cards turned in. I am not sure I feel much safer. The Co. election office is just across the freeway and North one block from Market Hall. So it seemed worth the effort to try to go there. The county elections official did tell us during the deputy training that they would there every day until the registration deadline.

So I walked in the door. The security guard was standing at the door. Nice guy, but a little surprised to see anyone. ''What do you want.''. he said. I said that I had some voter registration cards to turn in, showed him the cards and told him that I was told they would be open today to accept them. ''Oh I see, yeah they are up there, go on up.''

All of the offices seemed to be locked. I finally found one door open and walked in. Four or five folks were working in a large room. Individual boxes full of papers were everywhere. They looked at me in total surprise. I explained, ''I am here to turn in voter registration cards. I was told that you would be open today to receive them...'' They still looked surprised. One fellow finally said that he would show me where to turn them in. We walked down the darkened hall, through a couple of doors, down another hall. Large office, with several cubicles. Lights off, nobody at work. ''Just set them on this desk, write down your name and deputy number, they will take care of them.''. I asked whose desk this was. ''She will take care of problem'', he said. I asked his name. ''My name is Omar'', he said. I said ''Thank you, Omar''. Shook his hand and left.

I sure hope Omar was not an ACORN guy, hope he does not grab that ID No. Hope the person on that desk does it right. I hope there are not thousands of new, questionable registrations with my ID No., someone is bound to ask questions.

I sure hope that worked.

Maybe the Obama campaign is working--There is a lot of new hope out there. Thanks again.

You see, we gun clingers have hope also.

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