Tuesday, October 14, 2008

From the Cabela's Sales Flier

It seems that sales prices these days are, for the most part, higher than than the MSRP of just a couple of years ago. For ammo, the sales prices are higher than MSRP of just a couple of months ago. I did say "for the most part", if you look close deals can still be found.

This post is not about any deals, it is about a Ruger that Cabela's has on sale this month.

Ruger Super Redhawk - Alaskan

A Ruger Super Redhawk - Alaskan in .454 Casull/.45 Colt.

Man I want to shoot one of these, once. I can't imagine throwing that much energy out of a 2 1/2" barrel.

So if you go to Cabela's in Fort Worth, plop down the $749.00 it will take to bring this 6 shot revolver home, and end up with this fine piece of American craftsmanship. Give me a call will ya? I'll even buy the ammo.


Borepatch said...

Didn't shoot it, but some other guys were.


Actually, the guys shooting it were wincing when they shot it. Big guys, too.

Fun to watch someone else shoot, though.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Wow--I hadn't realized anyone made a 6 shot .454--that must be one stout cylinder.

If you're ever in southern IL (which I don't recommend, by the way), you gotta try my 2 3/4" barrel .500 S&W Magnum (but mine, thankfully, doesn't have the silly orange grips).

Those 500 grain Double Taps are real attention getters ;-).

John R said...

You have that and the Beuwolf pistol? Hell, I'm going to have to sched a trip for sure now.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

And also the 3" magnum Taurus "Judge"--I have nutty tastes.

I still don't have anything in 10mm, and I'm still a 1911 guy, so I still get intensely jealous whenever you write about your 10mm's.

BobG said...

Awfully light gun for a 454; the full-sized models from Freedom Arms recoil with a bit of authority. I imagine this one would try to climb out of your hand if you didn't hang on tight.

Anonymous said...

I bought the first one that my local gun shop got in two years or so ago. It's not that bad to shoot even with full power 454 rounds. I'd say just slightly more perceived recoil than with a standard 4" 44 Magnum. It's compact, but not all that light - 42 ounces unloaded. It has been my primary carry (loaded with Speer 300gr .454 Gold Dots) since I bought it. Well worth the price.

Anonymous said...

I love Ruger. My first handgun was a Ruger .45 (P90 semi) which are now much lighter to compete with Glocks. I have considered the S&W .500 mentioned above. At 400 yards, the .500 slug is going as fast as a .45 slug leaves the barrel! They retail at $999. I've seen them a little cheaper at Cheaper Than Dirt Guns & Ammo in Fort Worth.

~ Damon