Friday, October 17, 2008

Obama's Socialist Roots

Kevin Baker of "The Smallest Minority" responds to criticism from commenter Markedelphia with:

In his criticism, Markedelphia stated:
Kevin, you are completely wrong. Barack Obama is not a socialist nor is he a communist. The central problem here is that when you are as far right as you are..everyone...even us good capitalists are communists.
Kevin's response is a well researched and written (as usual) article on Barack Obama's Socialist (Marxist?) roots.

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Fits said...

Who else BUT a commie socialist would pal around with known terrorists, con men, swindlers, and otherwise bad people. Of course Hussein is in love with Karl Marx. And Markadelphia just happens to be one of those infantile netnuts who get their jollies from taunting and baiting anyone with half a brain. If the idjit had frequented my blog I'd've tracked the thing down long ago to have one helluva serious cup of coffee with him.