Saturday, October 25, 2008

Today is the Last Day

Existingthing notes that Saturday Oct 25th is the last day that a law abiding Californian can purchase a firearm and have it in hand before the election results are announced.

Of course this waiting period only affects the law abiding. The not so law abiding will continue to acquire firearms without complying with state mandated waiting periods or background checks.

In Texas the only waiting period involved in a firearm transaction from a dealer is the time you wait during the NICS phone call and the time it takes to clear your credit card. We don't like waiting periods.

A quick note to all the Californians who have moved to Texas. You moved here because you did not like all the laws and taxes imposed upon you in California. We don't like those laws and taxes either, so when you raise your hand and say "There aught to be a law", expect it to get slapped down.

Back to what ExistingThing was getting at. If you think there may be some civil unrest following the election results, and you do not have the means to protect yourself and your family, today is the last day to make that purchase.


Anonymous said...

I personally feel we need to protect our Texas boarders, both North and South. North to keep the liberals out and South to keep the drug smugglers from entering our country.

TexasFred said...

I don't have anything against a person bettering themselves, but if they want to come to Texas, by God become a TEXAN and don't try to make us become YOU!!

We have names for people like that, and solutions too, but I will leave that to the imagination...

Anonymous said...

Correction about buying guns in Texas. When you buy from a FFL, you have to wait for the NICS check unless you have a concealed handgun license. If you have a CHL there is NO WAIT, even when BATFAGS turn off the computer for a "rest" when the gun show is in town. And if you buy from a NON-FFL, the only wait is the time it takes to count out your money. Unless the guy takes a check.

John R said...


You are correct. Thre is no insta check for CHL holders, or for private transactions.