Tuesday, October 14, 2008

David Codrea Over...

...at The War on Guns has a couple of guest commentaries that everyone should read.

First up is Vanderboegh: An Open Letter to Mary Mitchell (And Other Antigun Politicians and Journalists of Her Ilk).

Followed by a Guest Editorial: Force, Liberty and the Potential of the Third Party Vote.

I have a brighter outlook on our future than that portrayed in the guest editorial, but it does give food for thought. I do not think the third party vote is a very effective means of repairing our system. Changes need to be made during the primaries, and the grass roots movement in the Republican party on the local level during these last primaries were an excellent start towards that change. The Texas Republican Party Platform was much improved at the state convention, and the legislators need to be reminded of that platform if they start to stray.

There are several candidates on the Republican side of the ticket who will stand up to Obama or McCain on key issues such as illegal immigration and gun control. We need to support these individuals and see to it that they get elected. Once that is accomplished, we need to start working on replacements for those who are not supporting liberty as they should. It is not too early to start looking for those who we can and will support during the next primaries. The entrenched can be dethroned, and they can be dethroned in the voting booth.

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